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Millicent the Friendly Witch AU$130.00 Description

My name is 'Millicent' and not only am I witch, or rather, a witch in training (after all I'm only young!); but I'm also a special, handmade, unique and individual rag doll!

I have my formal witch outfit of hat, of course, cropped short sleeved top, and long flowy skirt. Then, for play, I have my other outfit of split hem skirt and long sleeved jacket in cool day of the dead cotton fabric!

I always wear my plain black boots (made of hemp, 55%, and organic cotton, 45%, blend fabric) and my cotton, cute as anything skully tights. My plain black slip is, like my boots, made from a fabric blend of 55% natural hemp and 45% organic cotton.

The rest of Millicent's body is also made from a 55% natural hemp and 45% organic cotton fabric. Her hair is a mix of natural and acrylic yarns.

Millicent is stuffed with a combination of 50% natural, eco and sustainable degummed hemp fibre, and 20% polyester toy stuffing and organic wool (30%).

Millicent is part of Perfectly Imperfect Dolls 'ExtraOrdinary' collection

'da bonk' the bengal cat is not included in the listing and is for display purposes only!

Every single toy from Perfectly Imperfect Dolls is as different and unique as you and me.

Each doll from Perfectly Imperfect Dolls is sent to their new homes with 2 outfits and a first name.

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  • Due to the potential choking hazard of that the eyes of our rag dolls present, (which are made almost always of buttons of various sizes and types), unless otherwise stated, all rag dolls from Perfectly Imperfect Dolls are not recommended as suitable for children under 3 years of age without constant adult supervision.
  • All the‘Mr Goozle’ and ‘Imp’ Soft Toy Oddities are made with no separate or removable pieces and are designed to be baby friendly, with lots of different sized bits to grab.Suitability of any other Soft Toy Oddities for younger humans can vary though and so can this information can be found in the description of each individual Soft Toy Oddity.
  • Like all toys, Perfectly Imperfect DollsSoft Toy Oddities, should not be left with babies while unattended or sleeping due to potential health and safety risks; such as potential suffocation hazard.
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