Made to order rag doll


Doll Type

Looking for a rag doll in particular colours, or with some different and special features and cant find it anywhere? Do you like one of our premade rag dolls but it is wrong colours, or wrong hairstyle, or has been sold? Perfectly Imperfect Dolls can help! This listing is for a made-to-order 'regular' (aka 'hardly ordinary') doll, fairy doll, mermaid, or pixie doll. If you are looking for a custom doll made using only GOTS Certified Organic fabrics and all natural plant based stuffing, please use our 'Organic made to order' listing. And for all custom Dude Dolls, including organic and vegan friendly, please use our made to order Dude doll listing to order your custom Dude. Now to tell you more about THIS listing! - "what info do you need off me to be able to make my doll?" When making custom dolls, before we start, our preference is to get from you: the recipients age, top 2-3 favourite colours and top 4-5 favourite hobbies/past times/activities All of that just help guide us with our fabric choices and idea formulating, but that is all we require...pretty easy huh?! IMPORTANT: prices listed are not final, and depending on what you would like done on your doll there may be additional charges on top of the listed prices. But any potential additional charges will always be fully discussed with you prior to starting work on your doll, during our planning stage.