Made to Order Dude Doll


Dude Type

A made to order dude doll, or vegan dude doll. Be that a surfer style or kind of rock/rocker style or something completely different, (like the Mad Hatter shown in the pictures above!) We attempt almost everything you want to throw at us, and are always open and honest and transparent in our dealings and communicate with you directly every step of the way. And, of course if we were unable to successfully make your doll for some reason, we will let you know asap and refund your money, (minus our $20 made to order fee). Your doll will be made using regular cotton fabrics and stuffed with organic wool unless you specifically select one of the organic cotton and/ or Vegan friendly options from the drop down menu when checking out. VEGAN DUDES will be made using organic cotton and degummed hemp fibre stuffing, and the hair will be only cotton yarns. For all Dudes we offer you the option of having multiple handpainted 'tattoos' of various designs. For most all other aspects it depends on what you kind/style of Dude you have in mind. Feel free to contact us prior to ordering and we will happily discuss everything in detail with you first. - All our Dudes come with non removable boxer or board shorts. - All our beach/surfer styled Dudes come with separate, slip on, 'slipper' type shoe/foot coverings. - All other Dudes come with permanent, non removable shoes or boots. - For those who would like tattoos, I will contact you once I receive your order to discuss your colour tattoo design selections and choices. - For all orders, Production on your doll will not begin until after I have received final confirmation of your chosen custom options. Once I have received final confirmation your completed doll will be ready and able to be posted within 3-4 work days. Up until final confirmation is received your order is able to be cancelled and fully refunded. IMPORTANT: Once production has begun all sales should be considered final, and simple change of mind is not accepted. Your Dude doll will come with: - Permanent 'tattoos' (if desired) handpainted using permanent, non toxic, washable, fabric paints - unremovable board shorts or boxer shorts - fabric shoes (BUT only on the surfer/beach etc styles are these removable) - removable pants or long shorts (x1 for surfer etc styles, x2 for most others) - removable tops, of some sort, x2