1596983586jamie and sima nap time big version.jpg

Nap time for Jamie and Sima

1596983613Screenshot_20200807-195001_Sell on Etsy.jpg

This over the moon little cutie is Kylie, with her new BFF Maia. Big thankyou to Kylie's mum for managing to pause the unboxing excitement long enough to snap this pic for us! xoxx

1596983437alice queen hattet other dress.png

Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. A special custom order from a special repeat customer xox

159697506520191126_custom dudes.jpg

3 custom made dude dolls


Sold Doll - Zalie

1596976763dominic and sima.jpg

When no one is looking even big brothers like to sneak a cuddle!

1596976864headlines dolls.jpg

dolls on display at Headlines Salon in Dromana


Chloe with Inik the fairy


Our hippy couple, together forever! Thankyou to our customer for sharing this photo with us! x

1596977073ilene customer pic.jpg

Our very special and all organic Romani doll, Ilene, at her new forever home xox


Sold doll - April the autumn/fall inspired doll


1596984026sewing room suitable for publicity angle.jpg