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keeping in touch with our customers
November 26, 2020 • by Mina

You have no idea how much we honestly adore it when our customers send us pics of their new BFF at home with them. Getting  such pics leaves us smiling all day long.

And so many of you are kind enough to also let us share your precious and gorgeous pics in the gallery on our website too!

What sets our VIP customers apart though is they have kept in touch with us since their initial purchase from us, and have sent us update pics, which are such a treat for us!

Today, I would like to share with you all one such update pic we recently received...

Most of you have by now probably seen the pic in the gallery of the gorgeous girly 'Kylie' unboxing her BFF Maia...well we heard from 'Kylie' (and her Mum!) recently, and they included a few new pics for us of Kylie and Maia hanging out together.

we think this pic goes to show that BFF really does mean best friend forever!!