About us

About us

Rag dolls and soft toys lovingly handmade, and designed to provide their owners with comfort and love while also sparking their imagination, regardless of age! No two are ever the same, each and every one is 'as unique as you and me'. Which is why every doll comes with their very own name and interchangeable outfits, specially made and chosen just for them!

The driving philosophy behind Perfectly Imperfect Dolls is to create traditional style ragdolls with outfits/looks that reflect society today with the kind of timelessness that one often sees in our current modern era. In order to further reflect current society, their features naturally tend towards the daring, unusual, anything goes, no rules apply, type. 

The purpose? Fostering imagination, individuality and encouraging a celebration of shared humanity. While also helping promote the concept of seeing and appreciating our 'sameness' through our differences and discouraging societal conformity and homogeneity.

We strive to achieve those ideals in such a way that we do not adversely impact the environment, society and the health and safety of humans.


Which is why

we upcycle fabrics and trimings whenever and where ever possible -in fact we basically never use synthetic fabrics, but the rare times we do it is a vintage fabric we are upcycling!

we offer a range of choices with our made to order rag dolls and soft toy oddities, including the option of making itall natural AND completely vegan friendly.

we never wrap or post in plastic – infact we often use our little bits of fabric offcuts as a packing material

our fabrics are all from natural fibres, (we clearly state in the description on the rare occasion we use vintage, upcycled, not natural fabrics), our dolls ‘skin’ fabric is either unbleached calico or a fabric which is a blend of hemp and organic cotton (55/45%).

All our stuffing options are all 100% natural and organic, and are sourced as locally as possibleand guaranteed to be GMO free and sustainably farmed (we do have less than a handful of premade items which are unfortunately polyester fibre stuffed due to covid-19 related issues!).

Our base or standard stuffing is as natural, eco-friendly and sustainable as they come…it is certified organic downs wool from Suffolk Sheep. It is an all-natural, otherwise discarded by-product of certified organic livestock farming. The downs wool comes to us directly from the farm itself, Hollyburton Park here in Victoria. Before leaving the farm it is scoured using biodegradable detergent, but is otherwise untreated, ensuring that you can be certain there is no chance of any lingering harmful chemicals.

Our other stuffing options are plant based - certified organic cotton and naturally organic degummed hemp fibre. While we can also stuff using so called ‘standard’ polyester fibre fill, due to the comparatively extreme environmental impact of this product, we do NOT keep it on hand and there will be a significant extra fee attached to a request for its usage.


We only use fabrics made from natural fibre because Natural fibre fabrics wear better and last longer than synthetic or polyester alternatives, even more so if they are correctly cared for. They require washing less frequently, can be easily and effectively spot cleaned rather than washed, and have multiple benefits to our daily health and wellbeing, the most obvious being its ability to allow our skin to breathe freely while also still effectively insulating us. Synthetics and polyester fabrics, by comparison, do NOT allow the skin to breathe (and as a result need to be washed very frequently!) and can cause a multitude of health and skin issues. Not to mention it has recently been discovered that polyester fabrics actually continually shed microscopic fibres, and more so when washed. These microscopic fibres are harmful to the health of us, all other animal life, and the environment.

Perfectly Imperfect Dolls came from very humble beginnings; built from nothing, with nothing except the imagination, determination and vision of founder, owner, creator and sole woman behind everything that is P.I. Dolls, Yasmine C. (don’t ever call her that though, she only responds to ‘Mina’! ).

The origin story behind Perfectly Imperfect Dolls starts in 2017, with the needing of a fabulous and original gift for a few the birthdays of a handful of very special little girls. Dolls were handmade for each of them, each slightly different as we tinkered with patterns, but it wasn’t until the very last of these ‘birthday dolls’ that we made a doll we were completely happy with. That doll, ‘Ani’, cemented the basic shape and style you now see in all our dolls, and is considered to be the ‘founding toy’ of the Perfectly Imperfect Dolls rapidly growing family.

Ani’s BFF, the then 5 year old little birthday girl, is the youngest in a family of 4 children, and Ani was one of the first brand new 'just hers' things she had ever had. She fell in love with her new BFF (best friend forever), Ani, immediately. In fact, we have been told that Ani and her BFF have snuggled in bed together every night since they met. And we know for a fact that she is not the only one...many other people all over Australia and America, both adults and children alike, also now go to sleep with toys from us, Perfectly Imperfect Dolls.

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